Hyrkanya Sinni, Chema & Elka (Oct 2002)

by Hyrkanya

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End October 1999, just before the Spanish Afghan and Saluki's National, I was introduced to Enrique de la Morena by our friends of Jatabe Afghans. At the National I saw Ahram for the first time, and since then he never got out of my mind.


A long year later, another Spanish National. We went back to Spain to finally take Ahram with us. It was a very emotional moment.

October 29th, 2000  - Family Photo, in Spain

Hyrkanya family

From left to right:

Both Ahram's Daughter and Son became Champions at the Madrid International Autumn Show 2001, at the age of 19 months

Hyrkanya Akulina en Crema has the following titles so far:

- Spanish Champion
- BISS Saluki Spanish National 2001
- Portuguese Champion
- Gibraltar Champion
- International Champion

Another son of Ahram, Hyrkanya Ahram-Karnak (Cugui), became Champion with a BOB at the Spanish National Specialty 2002.

He sired a litter, born on January 17, 2003, of which we are lucky enough to have a female - Hyrkanya Irulan-Gondolin at Stenara - with us, and a male - Hyrkanya Ahram-Muad'Dib - in Bahia, Brazil.


National Specialty
- Spanish Afghan and Saluki Club -
Oct 29, 2000

Hyrkanya Akulina en Crema - CACS -
Owner/Handler: Ricardo Gregorio del Campo



Hyrkanya Akulina en Crema, Spanish National's SBOS 2000, SBIS 2001
SBOS Saluki 2000 - Hyrkanya Akulina en Crema
Judge: Mrs. Zola Rawson - GB



Zorana, Ahram & Enrique

To Enrique, my very best Thank You for entrusting me your treasure!
I know it wasn't easy - it wasn't for me too, inspite of such a great happiness.
All we did in the show rings is dedicated to you.


HYRKANYA Photo Gallery



Hyrkanya Yann Pelisse
Hyrkanya Yann-Pelisse
(Ahram's dam)


SakidKuman_Yann.jpg (21835 bytes)
Sakid-Kuman de Shikarah (Ahram's sire)
and Yann Astahan
(Ahram's granddam)

Manzemar Akulina and litter sired by Ahram (1999)
Manzemar Akulina
with her litter sired by Ahram

Among the puppies: Delta-Ahram (Oman),
Akulina en Crema (Xana) and
Ahram-Karnak (Cugui, sire of our Irulan)


WDS Porto 2001 - Riwaya & Xana
Oporto (Portugal), WDS 2001
Hyrkanya Akulina en Crema (Xana) was class reserve
to Jean-Luc Lemouzy's El Hamrah Riwaya,
who went to be World Ch. 2001


Chema 3 m.o.
Hyrkanya Ahram-Shirku (Chema),
Ahram's grandson
(2002, 3 m.o.)
by Hyrkanya Delta-Ahram x Hyrkanya Laurana Gond

Hyrkanya Laurana Gond (Kim)
Hyrkanya Laurana Gond (Kim),
Ahram's half-sister and
Dam of our Irulan



Hyrkanya Ahram Karnak SBIS-2002
Hyrkanya Ahram-Karnak (Cugui)
National Spanish SBIS 2002
Ahram's son and sire of our Irulan

Kim y cachorros (20feb03)
Hyrkanya Laurana Gond (Kim) and
33-days puppies, sired by Cugui
(born Jan 17, 2002)

Among the puppies: Irulan and Muad'Dib



Hyrkanya Irulan-Gondolin (Irulan)

Hyrkanya Ahram-Muad'Dib (Muad)

Hyrkanya_Irulan-Gondolin.jpg (13396 bytes) muadib_3mo.jpg (19797 bytes)
at 3 to 4 m.o.
Irulan with Enrique at Stenara, Jun 2003 Muad with Enrique at Stenara, Jun 2003

and at 5 m.o., already in Brazil

Irulan is owned by STENARA

Muad'Dib is owned by Ms. Bianca Teixeirai (Bahia, Brazil)

Their litterbrother "Padi"
(Hyrkanya Ahram-Padi):

Padi_10mo.jpg (13554 bytes)
at 10 m.o.



  Ahram in Spain (1999, 3 y.o.)



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